Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors

Moriah UMC is a faith community located on the edge of Greensboro, North Carolina. Christian by confession and United Methodist by tradition, we are a community of repentance and sanctification. No longer do we wish to follow the ways of this world; rather, we follow and serve the Lord Jesus Christ in all of his teachings, through his life, ministry, death and glorious resurrection. No more are we a selfish and scattered group of individuals; we are a church by covenant with God the Father and by the refining fire of the Holy Spirit. Together, we praise the Triune God through music and Word, we gather resources to serve those in need in our community, and we work to live at peace with one another and the world.

Moriah has a long history as a congregation in the community. Founded as one of the first Methodist churches in the area, Moriah today is part of the United Methodist Church, which is a worldwide organization of Christians committed to service and holiness while spreading the good news to all corners of the earth. Some seven generations of faithful Christians have called Moriah home, and we are excited to welcome another seven generations through our doors. As we look to our history for grounding and inspiration, we look forward to the future as we patiently and joyfully await God's active hand in our affairs today.

As we now have celebrated our bicentennial, we find ourselves at a new crossroads in our faith journey together. With the city of Greensboro continuing to grow outward, the ever-changing age of technology transforming the way we communicate, and the numerous other changes we face in the year 2016, we remain steadfast in our commitment to serving the Christ of two thousand years ago, the true Son of God who came to earth that we might be reconciled with our Heavenly Father. As we continue to give ourselves in service to others and proclaim the Gospel to our neighbors, we have peace that no matter how the world changes around us, God gives us a constant yet unceasing message of love and charity. God has not abandoned us in this world; we know this, for Christ lives! And it is in Christ that we gather our strength, humility and assurance that there is truly life with God after this world.

We warmly and openly welcome you to our church! We have several active ministries of service, educational opportunities, and worship every Sunday morning to help you reconnect with God and your neighbor in a meaningful and worshipful manner. Whether you are from a thousand miles away or have lived in our community your entire life, we are committed to offering a welcoming, God-centered and faithful environment to all who enter our doors. It is our sincere prayer that you find Moriah church to be a place that you can call home, not in order to fill our attendance sheets, but due to our steadfast commitment to being a people of God, the Body of Christ.