What is it like to be a part of Moriah church? What is our worship "style" like? What kind of people can you expect to meet on Sunday morning and for our other gathered times during the week? Great questions!

It's true that Moriah is almost 203 years old as a congregation! But we are yet a vibrant community looking forward to God's work every day. This is not a congregation of people unwilling to open our circle a little wider--so our worship style and ministries change periodically based on who is in our midst!

Each Sunday morning we hold worship service at 11AM. Pastor Kevin, pictured to the right, typically preaches a sermon based very closely from Scripture. During our service music is led fully by our music director CJ Albee. Occasionally we will have a guest preacher, and monthly we celebrate communion at the Lord's Table. But here at Moriah, we have no specific dress code! You may come in formal attire, or in jeans and T-shirt! We are a lovely mixed bunch!

So if you're interested in finding a new church home, we invite you to learn more about our community, our beliefs, our vision for the future, and our events and life together. The truth is that God is moving in new ways at Moriah UMC, and we don't always know what that will mean for us--but we are excited, because where God is involved, good things surely follow. If you have any questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to give our pastor a ring or an email!